Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When Imaginations Attack!

            Imagination is a necessary tool when you’re a writer, but there are some times when I’m less appreciative of it. Here are three occasions I wish I could be less imaginative:

Feeling ill
            I don’t feel well and I wonder what I have. A quick search of the internet tells me that I might have the flu. Or perhaps smallpox, bubonic plague, or ebola. Spend the next few days looking for redness in my eyes or enlarged, blackened lymph nodes.
            Solution: Do not use the internet to diagnose illnesses.

In the ocean
            I might have seen a shadow underwater while swimming in the ocean. Flashback to Shark Week. Evaluate clothing for shark attractants. Oh no, my rings must emulate the shimmer of fish scales and my swimsuit is harbor seal black! Retreat to shore, sure I will be munched by a monstrous great white any moment.
            Solution: Do not swim in the ocean.

Middle of the night
            I wake up at 3am and hear something downstairs. I try to convince myself it’s just the cats, but perhaps it is someone breaking in. Someone has surely targeted me for the next victim in his serial killer spree. But no, could it be a zombie breaking in? Nah, that’s just plain silly!
            Solution: Stop watching Criminal Minds.

            Do you ever think your imagination is sometimes a curse? What crazy things has it convinced you of?


  1. I'm convinced that the previous owner of my house was a spy and now some foreign government agency...or people living in the mid-west...have targeted me thinking I'm his widow.

    Always assume 3am noises are zombies! It's just safer that way!!

    1. Her 3 AM "Bumps in the night" are just me, raiding her wine stash and forgetting that the sliding glass door is closed...

      I so feel your pain! I saw a link to an article online about missed signs that you have HIV, so now of course I have every symptom! (except for the weight loss one)

      - Heather the Evil Twin Blogging with love from A to Z @

    2. Ha!! My sliding glass door was recently cleaned and is in need of a new Heather face print!!!

      I broke out in this horrible rash which I was positive was skin cancer so I went to the doctor and she said it was stress induced eczema...I asked to see her medical credentials because, really???

    3. Wow, foreign government agents and spies? That's fantastic! I'm sure there's quite a story here... :)

  2. Both of you need to replace what you drink! :)

  3. Ah, the joys of an imagination run amok - mine always seems to be inspired at the most inconvenient (or inappropriate) moments. :)

    1. My imagination rarely has good timing or a sense of appropriateness. I suppose that's just part of the deal! :)