Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twins and "Twintuition"

            “Rache, you had me pretty scared today. I thought you were the one who needed a cast.”
            “You should have known better,” Rachel said in a condescending tone. “I mean, we’re twins. If I had broken something, you totally would have felt my pain too.”
            I looked at her like she’d grown a second, and perhaps identical, head.
 “I’ve never felt that sort of thing before. What makes you think I’d start now?”
            “Your third eye chakra was closed before. I hoped maybe you’d grown, you know, psychically and spiritually.”
            She hadn’t worried about scaring me with tearful phone calls from the hospital because of some mystical bull-puckie? “For the love of…”
                                                                - excerpt from Magick Charm

Twins - One having a good day, the other not so much.

            I’ve always been fascinated by the bond between twins. Lots of special powers attributed to twins have been studied for years. Twins raised apart sometimes show incredible similarities in their personalities, hobbies, and job choice, for example. It’s been said twins can feel each other’s pain. Some even go so far as to suggest twins have a certain type of telepathy, which was what I played on in Magick Charm. It was a lot of fun to match a quirky, mystical-loving twin - Rachel - with a practical, disbelieving one - Janie!
            Do you believe in special twin traits and abilities? 

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  1. I have only seen these special twin traits on television. But I will say that looking at a pair of identical twins side by side can be a little freaky at first.