Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Series Recommendation: The Last Keeper's Daughter by Rebecca Trogner

If you’re looking for a unique take on the paranormal genre with stellar world building, check out The Last Keeper's Daughter series. Rebecca Trogner delivers a compelling blend of vampires, romance, and mystery you'll love reading.

The Last Keeper’s Daughter by Rebecca Trogner

Lily Ayres is the privileged daughter of an old moneyed family. She is young, beautiful, and a talented horsewoman. All of which are enviably qualities, but few know that beneath this thin veneer of societal perfection lies a deeply troubled young woman. For Lily rarely speaks and is incapable of normal, human interaction. Unable to understand why she is this way, she further retreats inside herself, until memories and suppressed emotions begin to bubble to the surface. Murder, revelations of her family's hidden purpose and dark secrets are revealed as she is thrust into the supernatural world of Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America.

The Last Guardian Rises by Rebecca Trogner

Lily Ayres, Sanguis Ancilla to Krieger Barnes, has retreated into her work in the royal archives, hiding from the king and the intense emotions he arouses in her. How long can she deny the desire she feels for him?

Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America, has shared his blood with Lily, his kingdom, and his heart. Unable to resist the pull of her being any longer, he commands her to his chambers determined to make her his, in all ways.

Merlin, the King's advisor, is struggling to contain the dark magic which flows within him and the knowledge of what must be done.

About the Author:
Rebecca Trogner lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and frequently crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains that were the inspiration for Krieger's home. She always dreamed of being a writer, but got sidetracked by the day-to-day adventures of life. With the encouragement of her family, she has finished her first novel and is currently writing the next book in The Last Keeper's Daughter series. Rebecca lives with her husband and son, and a rescue dog named Giblet. To find out more about the author visit

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

YA Titles You'll Want to Read Right Now!

A number of my very talented colleagues have been releasing new books you simply have to check out. If you’re a fan of the young adult genre, be sure to put The Boogeyman and Speak of the Devil on your TBR list.

Check back soon for more of my book recommendations!

The Boogeyman by Lillie J. Roberts

The nightmare begins…
Two girls lost on a lonely country road. 
One killer thrilled with an unexpected opportunity.
Two families desperate to find their lost children.
One girl…lost
One girl remains…
Until a young boy joins her…
And discovers the Boogeyman is real.

About the Author:
Lillie J. Roberts is a multi-published, Amazon best-selling author who loves to read as much as she does to write. You can most often find her lost in her favorite genre, whether it be a hardback/paperback or an ebook (or maybe she's writing one), especially on road trips. She writes Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Chillers/Thrillers, Suspense from Modern Contemporary to New Adult and YA.

She lives in central Illinois with her husband, three children, and one wild Westie (who is usually her reading partner, he also listens to all her new story ideas, almost always with a wicked sense of humor). She loves movies and listens to them while she writes, it doesn't matter if they're old or new, as long as they're engaging. She loves all kinds of music, especially if it has a hard driving beat. You'll find some on her favorite artists mentioned in the pages of her books.

Speak of the Devil by Shawna Romkey

What happens when falling in love and falling from grace collide?

After dying in a car accident with her two best friends, Lily miraculously awakens to grief and guilt. She escapes to her dad’s to come to terms with the event and meets some people at her new school who seem all too eager to help her heal. Sliding deeper into sorrow and trying to fight her feelings for two of them, she discovers who…what they really are and learns they are falling too.

Can she find the strength to move on from the past, reconcile her feelings for Luc, figure out how to stop a divine war with fallen angels, and still pass the eleventh grade?

About the Author:
Shawna grew up around farms in the heart of Missouri but went to the University of Kansas, was raised in the US but now lives on the ocean in Nova Scotia with her husband, two sons and two rescue dogs, one of which is an overgrown puppy from hell. She's a non-conformist who follows her heart.

She has her BA in creative writing from the University of Kansas where one of her plays was chosen by her creative writing professor to be produced locally, and two of her short stories were published in a university creative arts handbook. She earned her MA in English from Central Missouri State University where she wrote a novel as her thesis.

She's taught English at the university and secondary levels for close to twenty years and can't quite fathom how all of her students have grown up, yet she's managed to stay the same. She's a huge geek and fan of Xena, Buffy and all kick ass women, and loves to write stories that have strong female characters.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Check Out My Witchy Hosts!

Today, I’m being hosted on two of my favorite blogs, Ask-A-Witch and Metaphysical Meanderings. Of course the authors of these blogs are two of my favorite people as well!

Sam and John
Samantha Harvey is the head witch behind Ask-A-Witch. If you write in a spiritual or magickal question to this blog, Sam is author of the sassy response you will get. It’s interesting, full of great information, and at times too funny for words! Sam, also graphic artist extraordinaire, is the creator of my beautiful new Magick Charm book cover!

John Marani, aka husband, is the author of the Metaphysical Meanderings blog. If you want to know about astrology and tarot, he’s the expert! You’ll find posts here on the frequently asked “when is the next Mercury retrograde?” and “how do I minimize Merc retro fuckery?” as well as discussions of metaphysical news and book and tarot deck reviews. Of course, John can’t do anything without adding his own brand of wit to it - you'll love his Saturn vs. Neptune posts as well!

If you don’t already, I recommend you add both of these blogs to your reading list! Thanks for hosting me, Sam and John!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Magick Charm Now Available on #Kindle! (#pnr #iartg)

Magick Charm on Kindle for $2.99
It’s official! My first book, Magick Charm, was re-released a week ago. It’s my first self-pub effort, and I’ve been busy figuring out all the details and getting everything set up and out there.

Now I’m busy working on several new things. I’m editing a novella that occurs about three months after Magick Charms ends. Voodoo Magick is a story about Officer Megan Beaty and a murder case that hits a little too close to home. After that, I’ll be working on two major rewrites. The first one is the second New Orleans Magick book. The second is a rewrite of the first book I ever completed. But I’m keeping the rest of the details of that project under wraps for now.

Recently, several of the authors from my former publishing house have been releasing new books. I’m going to take some time over the next several weeks to tell you about them. Please check them out and pick up a couple new reads!