Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Do Dogs Think About?

            Yesterday, I started telling you about my animal psychic character in my most recent book, Practically Dreaming, and what I think cats think about. Today, I’m wondering what dogs think.
            I saw a joke once about the difference between a cat’s and a dog’s diary, which I think pretty well sums it up, at least on the dog’s side. I personally think cats are awesome and not as cynical as the cat in this diary!

            However, I will admit that while cats can seriously hold a grudge, dogs can be more forgiving. Scold them for ripping the carpet from the floor and, not only do they do the lowered-head, sad-eyes-looking-up-at-you apology thing, but they’ve forgotten all about it five minutes later. They want their owners’ approval. They’re generally happy, easy-going, and fun-loving.
            Here’s a short scene in which the animal psychic, Tierra, meets her mom’s new dog, Ruby. This puppy, a sweet, white ball of fluff, is based on my parents’ dog, Bella.

Bella, AKA "Ruby"
            The hurried click of little doggie claws on the hardwood floor drew both of their attention. Ruby burst into the room as if she had been announced by a late night talk show host. She paused in the center of the room, looked around to make sure she received adequate attention, and bounced up onto the nearest lap. Luckily, Hestia had put aside her cup quickly enough to avoid spilling her tea.
            “She’s spoiled, but I love her. What does she have to say? Is she as happy as I hope she is?” Ruby was a new addition to the household, a young dog who had only been living with Hestia for a couple of months.
            Tierra paused and probed Ruby’s thoughts, though she already knew the answer. “She’s ecstatic. She doesn’t want for anything. And she loves you beyond the telling of it.”
            Hestia laughed and blushed.
            “Ruby likes the treats in the blue bag,” Tierra said. “You only bought them once or twice, but they’re her favorite.”
            “The peanut butter,” Hestia smiled. “I’ll buy her some the next time I’m at the store.”
            “And she likes when you take her to the dog park. Especially when the Standard Poodle is there to play with her.” Ruby didn’t know the name of the breed, of course, but she showed Tierra an image of the black, curly-coated dog.
            “That’s the Thornton’s dog, Marley. Tell Ruby I’ll arrange more play dates with him.”

Check out more about Practically Dreaming here.


  1. Awesome book BTW :)
    Wouldn't that be incredible if we really could interpret what animals are thinking?
    (Why am I suddenly thinking of Gary Larson?)

    1. Thanks! :)
      I love Gary Larson, and he really does have a lot of material with animals. Did you see the one with the human talking to her poodle? The poodle heard "blah blah blah, Ginger. Blah blah!"

  2. I have three little Chihuahua mixes. Love them to pieces. I may not be able to read their minds, but I know what they want by their certain looks, whines and barks. I guess they have me well trained. lol

    1. Lol! We have the same kind of thing in our household... I have no illusions about who "owns" who around here!