Monday, April 22, 2013

Soundtracks for Novels

            You know how hearing a certain song can take you back to a specific place in time where you once heard it? This is why I like to create a soundtrack for my novels. Sometimes listening to a particular song can put me in a character’s head or can conjure the image of a specific location in my book.
            Here are the soundtracks I’ve created for my books:

Is there any music which you associate with a specific book?


  1. Not so much music with a specific book, but I often will listen to a specific album or track when trying to work on a particularly challenging scene.

  2. Hi Jennifer! YES! I have created separate playlists on my media for all of my stories. As someone passionate about all types of music, soundtracks and playlists are a part of my immersion into the fabric of the story.

  3. Blog hopping tonight, Jennifer. I should try listening to music maybe it'll help relieve the pressure when I'm editing.