Magick Charm
New Orleans Magick - Book 1

Cover design by Samantha Harvey
**Images used in cover by Sara Kelly
and Broderick Delaney
Janie's world is turned upside down when her quirky twin sister, Rachel, moves in, bringing boyfriend drama, a smelly ferret, and irrational belief in all things magickal with her.

Persuaded by a local voodoo priestess­­—and maybe one margarita too many—the twins cast spells to improve their love lives. They soon discover the incantations' many unintended and dangerous consequences. The increasing number of mishaps and misfortune putting the sisters in grave peril seems more like the work of a curse. Can Janie and Rachel's "twintuition" save them from the menace stalking them?

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Gypsy Magick
A New Orleans Magick Novella

Work has become complicated for Officer Megan Beaty since her former partner made her a joke among her colleagues at the New Orleans Police Department. Now she gets called in on all the oddball cases—the supposed ghost sightings, people claiming to be possessed, and anything involving voodoo.

"Voodoo Pete," the man she’s been secretly dating for months, becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation when a body is discovered in the alley behind his French Quarter bar. All signs point to Pete, and it becomes clear that he’s the killer…or he’s being set up.

Megan wants to quit the case, but voodoo priestess Viola convinces her she is the only one who can prove Pete’s innocence and catch the true murderer—but only if she draws on her Gypsy heritage and trusts in a little magick.

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Free Spirit
New Orleans Magick  Book 2

Cover design by Samantha Harvey
Illustration by Brittany Michel
Wild child Rachel is having a week so terrible, not even a pitcher of margaritas will help. When her evil boss shows up on her doorstep with a sob story, her request to stay a few nights turns into a whole lot more. She can’t even escape into some of her favorite haunts in the Quarter since she seems to have garnered the unwanted attention of some rabid readers. When her ghost-hunting assignment goes unexpectedly awry, Rachel unknowingly releases a vengeful spirit. 

Enduring a wicked houseguest and hiding from an over-enthusiastic fan all while trying to put a spirit back in her grave where she belongs is more challenging than sobriety during Mardi Gras. Can she and her family work some magick to put things right in the Crescent City or has Rachel bitten off more veggie muffuletta than she can chew?

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Practically Dreaming

Cover Design by Jennifer Wells
In a Zodiac-based world, finding a mate is easy. Falling in love is the hard part.

Astrology influences almost everything, from career choice to where people live. Even romantic matches are based solely on astrological compatibility and determined by the infallible Council of Venus.

Animal psychic, Tierra, has every reason to trust the Council save one. Her match with fellow Virgo, Evander, works better on paper than in person. But she stubbornly hangs on, believing their relationship will grow and develop, all the while trying to rationalize her feelings about Lachlan.

Veterinarian and Reiki master, Lachlan, hides a secret that has kept him single for more than two years. This Pisces dreams of a happily ever after with Tierra but believes it’s impossible for him.

Tierra and Lachlan must confront their doubts, differences, and society’s belief in the Council. Will they defy the odds and choose each other? Does astrological certainty eclipse the chance to fall in love?

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Bourbon Street at Night 2 by MsSaraKelly, on Flickr
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Night lightning by wxcasterphx, on Flickr
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