Saturday, August 25, 2012

Practically Dreaming Giveaway

There’s a couple days left to get in on my GoodReads giveaway of a paperback copy of Practically Dreaming. Just follow this link to sign up! In addition to the book, you’ll get a handful of swag and a book tote I had printed especially for this book release.

While you’re over at GoodReads, please do me a huge favor and vote for Practically Dreaming in a list of “Good Books to Read in 2012.” I’m currently #7 on this list! Just click on the tan button just underneath the book title that says “vote for this book.” Get me to #1 and I’ll hold another giveaway here on my blog for a copy of the Practically Dreaming ebook!

Want to check out a little excerpt? As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of manatees and whales and especially sharks. I’ve been thinking about them a lot because last week was Shark Week – a holiday around my house that ranks only just second to Halloween! So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this scene, in which Lachlan takes Tierra diving:

            Tierra looked around her again and spotted a swirling school of tiny grey fish moving quickly in a group. She had never tried to connect with a fish’s mind and wasn’t even sure she could, but she reached out now. At first, she didn’t think it would work. Fish didn’t see those same mental pictures cats and dogs and birds did. They didn’t feel emotion in the way people understood it. A fish’s dominant sense was instinctual. It took Tierra a moment to recognize it because instead of a picture or an emotion coming from the fish, she simply felt an overwhelming imperative. This instinct was far more overriding than any she might feel now, which would be tempered by intellect. What she got from the school was a single thought, as if shouted from a megaphone. It translated roughly to something like “swim fast!”
            She would have turned and fled as well had she not recognized it as an alien thought. The question of what had triggered the flight instinct made her wonder if she should do some flying of her own. She tensed her muscles to swim toward the surface, but Lachlan’s hand on her arm stilled her. She turned to look at him, saw him staring at something in deeper water, and turned to see what he was watching.
            The queasiness she’d felt on the boat slammed back into her along with a colossal dose of adrenaline. Her breath came faster and bubbles from her regulator streamed toward the surface. She looked up, seeking the outline of his boat. They had come away from it quite a bit. Retreat was out of the question. She wasn’t as fast as the shark swimming out of the shadowy depths of the ocean.
            Lachlan got her attention and pointed to the reef beneath them. A couple more hand gestures and his message was clear. Their best chance was to sink to the ocean floor and remain as still and calm as they could. She nodded and Lachlan took her hand and slowly began to move both of them to the sea floor.
            What kind is it? Tierra wondered. Grey, reef, white, blue, bull, thresher? A part of her believed it was imperative she know the exact type of shark about to eat her. Maybe it was just a way for her mind to make sense of the situation. She had always been one to rationalize her fears. This particular fear, however, was about seven feet long, a dusky dark brown color, and headed straight toward her. Its massive head swung back and forth in the current.

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