Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Omens and Superstitions - A to Z Challenge

Damien from the Omen is just plain creepy!

When I say omen, what is the first thing you think of? Damian… right. Okay, what’s the second thing?

For me it’s black cats. The superstition about black cats being bad luck is probably one of the most commonly known ones. But did you know there are many other omens and superstitions about cats?

As a matter of fact, black cats being unlucky if they cross your path is an American superstition. In Europe, they’re considered good luck. But if you meet any kind of cat immediately upon leaving the house in the morning, you’ll have bad luck.

Cats can predict weather too. Expect rain if a cat sneezes. If a cat is restless, expect a storm. Cats sleeping with their backs turned to the fire foretell cold weather.

Don’t know whether to accept a marriage proposal? There’s a way to use cat hair to decide. On a wedding day, a black cat crossing the path of a bride or sneezing near a bride is good luck.

Josephine, our oldest. We also have a grey cat and a
white cat. No matter what I wear, I'm covered in cat hair!
Of course, I don’t actually believe any of these superstitions. But I’ll add a couple adages here that we’d like to believe are true in this house (because they’re unavoidable anyway):

*Cat hair makes everything taste better.

*An outfit isn’t complete without cat hair.

What are you superstitious about?


  1. You know, I've never been that superstitious.

  2. My superstitions come from my grandmother - I don't kiss over a threshold, I always sit down for a count of ten if I've had to re-start my journey (ie. got half-way down the road and realised I've forgotten something), and I don't continue using a comb if I've dropped it (not so bad now, because my hair's too short to need combing, but I still hate it if my hairdresser does it).

    I have no idea where these originated. Thanks for clearing up the black cat crossing your path thing - I'm English, so it's lucky. Whenever I see a cat, I spend the rest of my journey debating :-)