Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Romance Trading Cards - A to Z Challenge

People collect all kinds of cards, from baseball cards, to Magic the Gathering, to Pokemon. But have you heard of Romance Trading Cards? Here’s the scoop, direct from their website:

Romance Trading Cards is a spur of the moment collaboration that started with a few conversations on Twitter (#romancetradingcards) and has grown from there. To participate, each author creates and prints their own card featuring a character from their book, hero, heroine, villain, one or more–it’s ALL up to you. Bring the cards to signings and conferences for readers to collect and trade.

Pretty cool, right? I was inspired to create a set of them for my first book, Magick Charm. I’ll be bringing these with me when I attend the NECRWA conference (next week – wow!). Check them out:

Card Back


  1. I totally love Romance Trading Cards. I got one in a book give away and that was my introduction to them. They're just so darned cute and such a good idea! Love the cover, btw :)