Thursday, July 14, 2011

BlogFest 2011

7/18 - This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered!

Hello and welcome to my BlogFest 2011 guests! If you’re dropping in for the first time, let me tell you a little about myself. I write books with romance, a bit of magick, plenty of humor, and quirky characters.

Rachel, the heroine in the book I’m currently writing, is the most colorful character I’ve ever created. She’s into ghost hunting, drives a barely-running classic Gremlin, believes she has “twintuition”– the special psychic bond between twins, dumped her last boyfriend over a ferret named Nostradamus, dresses like she’s the love child of Stevie Nicks and Marilyn Manson, and is a vegetarian. She’s a lot of fun to write!

Everyone has their own quirks, though perhaps not so many as Rachel! A few things most people don’t know about me:
  • I’ve seen ghosts (but not in the Haley Joel Osment way!).
  • I spent 7 years as a vegetarian, but gave up because bacon makes me weak.
  • I worked as a molecular biologist, Mary Kay saleswoman, and in the fraud department of a bank before becoming a writer.
  • I’ve been a practicing Wiccan for almost 20 years. Although tempted, I have never turned anyone into a toad.
  • My favorite musician has always been Prince, even through his unpronounceable symbol years.
  • I’m 1/8th Chippewa. My dad used to joke that my Native American name is "bird who flies backward with broken wing."
  • Shark Week is my favorite time of year. When I was 4, I rooted for the shark in Jaws. 

For BlogFest 2011, I’m giving away an electronic copy of my book, Magick Charm, where you can meet Rachel for the first time. Here’s how to enter:
  1. Follow my blog, either through Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, or email subscription.
  2. Leave me a comment below telling me one quirky thing about yourself.
  3. Include your email so I can contact you if you win.

Want to increase your chances? You get an extra entry for each of the following:
  1. Like Magick Charm on Facebook.
  2. Follow me on Twitter.
  3. Tweet: #Enter to #win #BlogFest2011 @AuthorJenWells
  4. Add Magick Charm to your to-read shelf on goodreads. 

The more entries I receive, the more copies of my book I will give away!

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  1. well My name is Amber, I love to read i am a sucker from anything Historical Romance the trashier the better most fave is anything happens with the upper crust people like when an earl marries the maid, I read so much that i keep a book by the bed, in the car, most times there is two in the car, and one in bath room, I go to the bath to read for an hour or sso its the place kids, and husband aren:t allowed. I buy my books from the library for 25 to 10 cents
    Sometimes I will forgo sleep to finish a book I read fast and can get done with a paper back within a night or two. my husband says I eat book
    I hope to write one day
    Ok so that was my SHORT STORY looool

    Amber Dyer Atwat

    Followed on GFC

    Liked Magick Charm on Facebook.
    Amber Dyer

    Followed on Twitter.



  2. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! I am a new follower on GFC as Suz. A quirk about me is that I'm kind of crazy for books. I can't pass by a shelf without reading the titles and even though I have many in my to-be-read pile, I am always adding more! Too many books, too little time!

    susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

  3. Hi Jennifer.....Just dropping by to say "HI" I already read Magick Charm for Coffee Time Romance and absolutely loved it so there is no need to enter me in you contest. I do hope you will stop by my giveaway.
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

  4. Hi, new follower here, found you through the hop. Quirky thing about me: I can predict songs right before they play on the radio. Have a great weekend!

    My blogfest giveaway is at: Indie Snippets

    bryanrdennis (at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Hi Amber - Used book stores and flea markets are also great places to find inexpensive books. I love my kindle too and there's always tons of free ebooks to download. I usually have a pile of books on my nightstand and keep my kindle in my purse everywhere I go.
    Thanks for entering the contest!

  6. Hi Suz - I totally agree! Too many books too little time! My TBR pile is ridiculous, but I keep adding. I used to keep a little notebook in purse so I could jot down titles I wanted to read.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Laurie - Thanks so much for saying hi! I'm thrilled you liked Magick Charm, and you wrote such a great review of it too!
    I'll be sure to stop by your blog, and I hope my readers do too -

  8. Hi Bryan - That's a fun quirk! Thanks for stopping by and I'll hop over to your blog later today.

  9. One quirky thing about me is that I like to drink pickle juice.

    bigferret at email dot com

  10. Im not sure if it is quirky..... I absolutly love cover art of a book. I wont pick up a book unless the outside appeals to me. Unless it is recommended or I have read the review and loved it.
    New Follower!!!
    Twitter: @mrskoehler

  11. Katie - I love your quirk! Thanks for entering my contest!

  12. Laura, I agree. I didn't read the Charlaine Harris books for years because I didn't like the covers. A friend finally convinced me to try them and I love the stories!

  13. Thank you for participating with this fun blogfest. My quirkiness - well maybe my sense of humor, sometimes folks just don't get me :) I love to sing in the car with the music real loud and dance in my seat at the stoplights. I will talk to just about anyone in the store and probably the greatest pleasure is watching the reactions to just sharing a smile and howdee doo!

    GFC / Facebook - Denise Zaky
    Goodreads - oh you betcha!


  14. Hi Denise! I love to sing in the car too. At top volume. It's fun!

  15. I am obsessive compulsive about what ever my current thing is. Right now it would be weeds.
    I am following you back, thanks for coming by. GFC and Twitter!Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  16. Well I spent the night in a haunted hotel in Arkansas and got hooked on hunting ghost. Got myself a video cam and other goodies so I will be better prepared for next time..LOL

    Would love to be entered into your contest.



  17. First let me say that I am a HUGE Prince Fan!! Have been a fan since 8th grade!! Now one quirky thing about me? I like to go to bookstores just to be around books. I am a Kindle reader now but I still go to bookstores and browse the aisle looking at the covers.

    GFC Follower: Tina
    Liked on Facebook
    Following on twitter: TiDubb
    added Magick Charm to my "to read" shelf on

  18. Hi Steph, I have more than a touch of OCD myself!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I subscribe to your blog! :) A quirk...hmmm...I get most of my best ideas in the shower. It's tough to jot them down, however. :)

  20. Stormi, I'd love to spend the night ghosthunting at a haunted hotel! Jealous!!

  21. Tina - I spent one summer when I was a teenager watching Purple Rain every single day! LOL!
    I agree that I love my Kindle, but there's something about paper books. I also haunt local bookstores - and used bookstores - to visit with the paper!

  22. Cricket - Maybe if you wrote them in the steam on the mirror...? I do a lot of singing in the shower!

  23. Hi Jennifer! I also used to be a vegetarian ... and I also gave up because of bacon! I can't believe you wrote that! We should start a group or something!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would love to read Magick Charm!
    I'm a new GFC follower.

  24. I, too, was a vegetarian for a long time - 10 years. However, bacon won in the end. I always knew it would. *g*

    One of my lifelong quirks is that I can not wear a wrist watch. Weird, huh?

    I'm a new Networked Blogs follower and "Like" Magick Charm on Facebook.

    Diana @ Book of Secrets

  25. Kanya and Diana - Bacon rules! Morningstar Farms has the "fakin'," as my husband calls it, but it just isn't the same.
    One of my friend's favorite party foods that I make is half a piece of bacon wrapped around a pitted date then baked in the oven until the bacon is cooked. Yum!
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  26. Thanks for the giveaway...

    My name is Michele and I am addicted to Book daughter thinks I need a therapist...

    GFC Michele Luker

    jmluker at winco dot net

  27. Hi Michele,
    I also have tons of book blogs on my reading list! I use people's recommendations to find new books and authors.
    Glad to meet you!

  28. A great giveaway!

    I am a Twitter & GFC follower.

    An odd quirk, hmm - I love to fill out paperwork, I am also absolutely utterly obsessed with books ;)


    My giveaway -

    Have a nice weekend.

  29. Haha, quirky, huh? Hmm... I sometimes I snort when I laugh. lol

  30. Thank you for the giveaway! Quirky? Um...well I do have quite the fridge magnet collection. LOL. I'm always begging people to get me one when they travel.

    GFC-Christine Davis

    ceeenndee at gmail dot com

  31. Thanks for the giveaway. Something quirky about me is I love Scooby Doo. I'm 34 but I'll still stop whatever I'm doing to watch it when it's on.

  32. thanks for the giveaway.

    hum i'm not sure it's count but i collect bookmarks ( at the beginning only manga's now all of them)

  33. I love learning more about people! I have always been interested in wicca. I too ate vegetarian for years and then I got pregnant and couldn't eat enough McDonald's hamburgers (am not a huge fan of them anymore though)! I've had ghost experiences and have loved Prince since the 1980's! I also love reading mystical books! Thanks for the giveaway!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  34. One quirky thing about me is that I love Elvis and I can do the Elvis sneer and like to say "Thank you. Thank you very much." just to embarrass my kids when their friends are over! Awful, I know!

    I am a GFC follower.
    I liked Magick Charm on Facebook.
    I follow you on Twitter: @jwitt33
    I added Magick Charm to my to-read shelf on goodreads.

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  35. Sharon - Books! <3

    Christy - Me too, when it's reeeeaaally funny!

    Christine - One of my best friends does too! I pick up magnets for her every time I go out of town.

    Stephjx - Scooby Doo was my favorite when I was a kid! When I see it on TV today, I love the 70's-ness of it!

    Miki - I have some great bookmarks, but I rarely get to use them anymore since I went mostly Kindle. :(

    books4me - Sounds like we have a lot in common!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest!

  36. Julie, one of the benefits of having kids is getting to embarrass them! Lol!

  37. I follow on GFC.
    -I love video games and I'm female and over 30. Judging by the clientele I see when I walk into Gamestop, I think it is somewhat of an oddity.(of course I love books too).

    bookloon at gmail dot com

  38. I follow on Twitter as Bookloon.
    bookloon at gmail dot com

  39. Laura, I feel the same way in Gamestop. I play some Xbox games, but I am addicted to the Sims!

  40. I follow you on GCF
    sr underscore clean at sbcglobal dot com

  41. I have ghost in my house named Sarah Wells!
    sr underscore clean at sbcglobal dot net

  42. I liked Magick Charm on Facebook.

    sr underscore clean at sbcglobal dot net

  43. I follow you on Twitter.

    sr underscore clean at sbcglobal dot net

  44. I was born in Japan and was a citizen of both Japan and The United States for 18 years. I think my quirkiest characteristic is that regardless of events in my life, I am cheerfully optimistic, or as my dad says "a smiling fool". Kathleen Southern

  45. I don't think I have any quirks but others tell me I do so here goes -
    I love slightly burnt food - a little brown crispy anything
    I believe in tinkerbell (well who doesn't)
    I love getting lost when going somewhere (we call them grand adventures)
    I am extremely southern but don't like living in the south
    I'm a scuba diver but hate to swim in the ocean and the desert is my favorite place to be
    Me quirky? I don't think so
    GFC follower as loves to dive
    lvs2dv at gmail dot com

  46. New Follower here!
    One quirky thing I do is rip pages from magazines then fold them in half, then half again, then throw them away. (Never books!)

    Looking forward to reading your book!

  47. When I am sick/congested, I have to have extra personal space or I have panic attacks. I once had a panic attack because my cat got in my face while I was in bed. Everyone at my doctor's office found this very funny, even laughing about it months later when someone would mention it was me.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at

  48. Twitter follower: JuneAnnM
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  49. Tweet:!/JuneAnnM/status/92373949182263298

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  50. Liked facebook page: June Manning
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  51. Quirky? Hmmmm, I flick/scrape my fingernails along my teeth when I'm deep in thought or stressed out!

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. +1 liked Magick Charm on Facebook
    (Darlene's Book Nook)

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. +1 following on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. +1 for tweeting:!/DarleneBookNook/status/92385263849979904

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. +1 Added Magick Charm to your to-read shelf on goodreads (Darlene)

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. i make mashup words. for example blogger and homies = blomies
    vvb32 at

  57. I am a GFC follower-judy
    Like Magick Charm on Facebook-Judy C
    Follow on twitter @ladymagnolia99

    One of my favorite foods is a mashed banana with sugar and toast for breakfast (sounds bad, but very tasty)

    I wish I could turn someone into a toad!!!!


  58. Shaylasr - Another Wells! :) It's always interesting having a ghost in the house!

    msgulfkat - That's a great quirk to have! People should try to be more optimistic.

    loves to dive said - Great summary! lol!!

    Rojeli - I wonder how you started that habit? Intriguing!

  59. June M. - I'm guessing you thought it was less funny than the doc's office staff? I wonder how the cat felt about it? *hugs!*

    Darlene - Much better than chewing your nails! Although I use this Shellac stuff that makes my nails virtually indestructible!

    vvb32 reads - Very creative! I may have to try my own mashups...

  60. I would love to win this book! I loved the excerpt on Good Reads
    twitter Icecream1891
    fb Lindsay Ann
    Good Reads (put book on shelf) as Krystal Carson

  61. Judy - A guy once asked me if I could turn him into a toad. He was clearly skeptical (okay, to be honest he was mocking/laughing/full of asshattery) about Wicca and thought he was being so witty! I told him I didn't have to because he already WAS a toad. He was unamused! ;D

  62. New follower on GFC & Networked blogs. I do lots of quirky things... Like only drink out or one side of a glass...

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  63. Quirky..hmmm, feel naked without my lipgloss and shades when I go out. lol...I am also hopelessly addicted to books! Will spend my last penny on them.

    Thanks for the giveaway, following you here and on twitter.

    ladybelletrist at gmail dot com

  64. Krystal - I'm so glad you liked the excerpt! Thanks for joining the contest!

    Jenn - That's a good one!

    Ladybelle - I'm the same with with Burt's Bees! And books... well, I've been known to overspend just a tad on them. Always worth it!

  65. Well I'm slightly OCD when it comes to cleanliness. LOL If it's dirty I must clean it :)

    I follow through GFC

  66. Thanks for the chance to win--
    One quirky thing-- I like to visit the haunted places of the cities I visit.

    info at kmnbooks dot com

    Thanks and don't forget to stop by my blog too.

  67. Alison - Me too! As a matter of fact, some laundry is calling my name right now...

    Karen - I visited the Whaley house in San Diego once. It's supposedly America's most haunted house.

  68. Ok...My favorite movie is So I married an Axe murder :) I think thats pretty strange but I love it!
    Ok Im following on Twitter as Mc_Carver and tweeted your giveaway :#Enter to #win #BlogFest2011 @AuthorJenWells
    I added the book to my goodreads account and sent you a friend request on facebook :)
    and Im a GFC follower!! Please stop by my blog if you get a chance
    your book sounds awesome!

  69. Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for being part of BlogFest!

  70. Something quirky....

    I am the clumsied person in my family, yet I'm also the most OCD about organization. My mother just doesn't understand.

  71. Thanks for the giveaway. I've become a bit of a book hoarder. I'm constatly asking my husband to build me more bookshelves lol.

    GFC Follower.
    Like Magick Charm on Facebook.
    Follow on Twitter.
    Added Magick Charm to my to-read shelf on goodreads.

  72. wow! It looks like a wonderful book ;)
    gcf new follower

    I hope it's a international contest

  73. Nikki - Thanks! I'm headed over to your blog next.

    Ryssa - Hi! I've had a great time with this blogfest!

    tfrances - Yep, I'm an organizer too. I'm a Virgo. It kind of comes with the territory.

    Julie - Nothing wrong with that! I just had to build 2 new bookshelves over 4th of July weekend to fit the growing number of books we collect. I swear, they must reproduce during the night...

    Glory - Thank you! And, yes, it's an international giveaway!

  74. I am a GFC follower as Velvet and one of my quirks is I shake my leg alot I don't know why I just do

    velvethubler at yahoo dot com

  75. You're right, we do have a lot in common! :) Already follow you on Twitter, have just liked your Facebook page.

  76. vhubler - Restless leg syndrome? It's another of my quirks! Thanks for entering the contest. :)

  77. I'm a bit OCD myself. One of the things that drives my hubby crazy is I refold the towels after he folds them because he doesn't fold them the right way.

    Am now following you on GFC and Twitter. Tweeted:!/CurlingByFire/status/92712527330414592

    icewoman96 at gmail dot com

  78. Hi, I am a GFC follower- Krysta Banco and I make beaded safety pin bracelets :)


  79. Hi! A quirky thing about me? I have no idea xD Well, I'm not sure if this counts but when people first meet me, they think I'm this innocent, sweet girl, but the more they get to know me and the closer they get to me, they'll find out I'm nothing like that girl they met xD


  80. Stephanie - I'm like that with shirts. I end up doing most of the folding just so we avoid him being irritated by my REfolding.

    krysykat - That's cool!

    Ellen - Heh heh... me too! My best friend says I'm the most evil person she knows though!

  81. I can't use the same spoon twice...Just one of those things...
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Following Facebook & Twitter @sweepingme

    mary_reiss @

  82. Hi there,

    Well I have several quirky things about myself but naming hubby I have dated for 22 years , been married for 6..go figure anyhoo I will think something ..seconds later he says the exact thing I was happens often and now I just go...go figure.

    facebook , subscribed email, gfc = novelsontherun

    Michelle A

  83. hi im SiNn im a sucker for different shaped trinket boxes i dont buy books based on the author i skip to page 149 of the book read it before i buy it

    mortalsinn follow via gfc as SiNn

  84. itweeted!/Bainesgoddess/status/92786948946665474

  85. Like Magick Charm on Facebook.
    Beverly G


  86. Follow me on Twitter.

  87. Added Magick Charm to my to-read shelf on goodreads.

    Beverly g

  88. Mary - Good one!

    Michelle - I do quite a bit of that with my husband too. Sometimes I just tell him "get out of my head!"

    SiNn - I love that! It's so much more telling than page 1 sometimes. I may have to employ your strategy myself.

  89. Thank you everyone for joining in the Blogfest! This contest is now closed, but it was great being able to get to know you all a little better!