Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Check Out My Witchy Hosts!

Today, I’m being hosted on two of my favorite blogs, Ask-A-Witch and Metaphysical Meanderings. Of course the authors of these blogs are two of my favorite people as well!

Sam and John
Samantha Harvey is the head witch behind Ask-A-Witch. If you write in a spiritual or magickal question to this blog, Sam is author of the sassy response you will get. It’s interesting, full of great information, and at times too funny for words! Sam, also graphic artist extraordinaire, is the creator of my beautiful new Magick Charm book cover!

John Marani, aka husband, is the author of the Metaphysical Meanderings blog. If you want to know about astrology and tarot, he’s the expert! You’ll find posts here on the frequently asked “when is the next Mercury retrograde?” and “how do I minimize Merc retro fuckery?” as well as discussions of metaphysical news and book and tarot deck reviews. Of course, John can’t do anything without adding his own brand of wit to it - you'll love his Saturn vs. Neptune posts as well!

If you don’t already, I recommend you add both of these blogs to your reading list! Thanks for hosting me, Sam and John!

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